Thousand Mile Walk

Claron Honors the Refugees

Sage Brush Cafe in Tabiona Utah

I just had a good lunch at the Sage Brush Cafe in Tabiona, Utah. My excellent servers were Shaelee and Hanna. Char is the head cook. It is the only cafe in town, but they don’t act like it.

The Hanna, Utah sign and the mountains and farmland near Tabiona, Utah I walked 12 miles today to get to Tabiona, my intended destination. There is some beautiful farmland along the narrow valley of the Duchesne River. Rugged country with a majestic beauty on the south slope of the Uinta Mountains of Northern Utah.

It is a bit of a revelation on cell phone networks in rural areas. Some of the town has 3G network and the rest has 1x network for my Verizonwireless phone. Not very good when you are trying to access the Internet. When the people at the Sage Brush Cafe said they had wifi, I said, “You have got a new good customer.”

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Video showing Tabiona