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Pat Legel

In the morning after looking down the barrel of a gun, daylight and dryness was most welcome. Pat Legel, pictured, was walking his dog in the park, and we had a good visit. I told him about having the gun pulled on me last night. He invited me to come throw out my sleeping bag at his place which is about a half mile from the park. I was grateful to have a secure place to sleep.

Before I left the park, I had the opportunity to meet local homeless person Jason. We had some good conversations. He seems like a nice enough guy. He has some odd habits, like yelling out at someone he is talking to whom you can’t see. I kind of felt like we became good friends. Not really sure whether he was the guy who pulled the gun on me last night or not.

I will give Wanderlust Adventures an unashamed plug. Pat owns Wanderlust Adventures. They are one of the five companies that have permits to run commercial rafting adventure on the Poudre River in Poudre Canyon. For $50, you can have six miles of whitewater adventure. As I mentioned before, Poudre River is amazing. It is some great river running in a fairly short distance from a metro area. If you get to the Denver area, look up Wanderlust Adventures and have some fun going down the river.