Thousand Mile Walk

Claron Honors the Refugees


Claron Celebrating Half-way

Claron Half-way eight miles east of Brush, ColoradoHoooaaa!!! I am half-way from Salt Lake City, Utah to Independence, Missouri (Kansas City). I knew that I was getting close, so I used the “Walk” button on Google Maps and it came out that half-way is eight miles east of Brush, Colorado. I added the miles to the first mile maker that I saw and the magic mile marker is “180.” I feel blessed to have made it this far, 540+ miles. I started out saying that the 1083 mile walk would take me about three months. Achieving half-way on Thursday, August 1, 2013, is six-and-one-half weeks of the thirteen weeks in three months, since I started on Monday, June 17, 2013. Shortly after I took the picture of the half-way celebration, I got a good dose of rain and made it to Akron, Colorado about 10:30PM. About 24 miles for Thursday.

Pavilion at Washington County Fairgrounds

Pavilion at Washington County Fairgrounds, Akron, ColoradoIt was fun walking into Akron by the fairgrounds while the county fair was going on. I slept under the pavilion at the fairgrounds. I found out that the fair keeps going until midnight and the roosters start crowing at 4:30AM. A short night’s sleep for me.

Video of half-way point in the Thousand Mile Walk