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Claron Honors the Refugees

Visit Schools

Do you want to volunteer some time to help the orphans and other children in the villages of South Sudan? Read on for an idea on how you might help by volunteering your time.

This past Sunday, I got a suggestion that I should visit schools. Because of the circumstances, I took the suggestion seriously, but my initial thought was, “I don’t know how to do that.” As in, how do I walk and arrange to visit schools along the way at the same time? After thinking about it, I thought, maybe some of my readers want to set things up for me. School just started here in this part of Kansas. If you are interested in contacting the schools along my route to set up me coming to talk to them, get my email address off the bottom of the About page, send me an email, and lets talk about it.

I can also visit schools when I get back to Utah. Southern Sudan Humanitarian has a Sister School Project which more schools are welcome to become a part of.

I see a lot of signs telling about the local schools here in Kansas. As an extension of loving their children, people also have a lot of interest in the local schools. The picture happens to be a sign out front of a school at the end of my first week back in Utah, but it is similar here in Kansas.