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Kansas State Flower

Sunflower - Kansas State Flower

The sunflower is the Kansas State Flower. The photo is from along the side of highway U.S. 36 about 11 miles east of Marysville, Kansas. I have seen a lot of beautiful wild flowers on this walk.

You may have wondered what happened to me not putting up any posts for several days. I am covering 113 miles this week and have had long days of walking. The high temperature for the day was 101 degrees Fahrenheit with high humidity. God has blessed me to do okay in the heat.

I camped after dark along the edge of highway U.S. 36. The farmer, Dave, came by as I was packing up and said that I was okay being there, but just don’t smoke and catch the hay on fire. He was very nice.

I bought my return ticket online yesterday for the flight home, Kansas City to Salt Lake City, Tuesday Sept. 10, flight 819 leaving Kansas City (MCI) at 2:32 PM. Yeah!

I made The First United Methodist Church Newsletter. Follow the link and I am on page four. Very nice people!

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Video of campsite and farmland near Marysville, Kansas