Thousand Mile Walk

Claron Honors the Refugees

Klinefelter Farm

Kansas Sunrise at the Klinefelter Farm Wendell Ganstrom is the Klinefelter Farm Projects Manager for the Highland Community College. He let me camp at the farm in Hiawatha, Kansas for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. He also gave me rides to town and produce to eat out of the garden at the farm. The cats at the farm love him. Wendell gave me a cash donation to help the orphans and other children in our schools in South Sudan. Thanks for everything Wendell!
The photo is of Wendell Ganstrom in front of a John Deere tractor at the farm.

In the dark hours early Sunday morning, I experienced one of the strongest storms, wind and rain, that I have experienced this trip during the night time hours. I had put in all of the tent pegs for my tent and rainfly. The wind really beat on the tent and there was plenty of rain. I said my prayers, left it in the Lord’s hands, and was able to go back to sleep and stayed mostly dry. On Sunday, I attended the Hiawatha Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for Sunday worship service. A branch is usually a smaller congregation than a ward. Nice people at the branch.