Thousand Mile Walk

Claron Honors the Refugees

A Thing of Honor

Between Horton, Kansas and Lancaster, Kansas, Tom Ward and his friend, also Tom, stopped to see if I needed water. They got out of their car and talked to me for a while. I told them that I was doing a fund raiser to help the orphans and other children in South Sudan in the schools supported by Southern Sudan Humanitarian. I explained that I had been to South Sudan twice and that people could sponsor me on my walk to help the children. Tom was impressed and kind to praise my efforts. Without knowing the title of my website, he said, “So, what you are doing is a thing of honor.” I thought that was rather profound and a different way of applying the word “honor” to my walk. I usually speak of me honoring the refugees, their fortitude, stamina and courage. Knowing what I know about what they have been through, the challenges they have been through, having “put my hand to the plough” to help them, making a serious effort to help even more by doing the thousand mile walk is a matter of me maintaining my honor and integrity.