Thousand Mile Walk

Claron Honors the Refugees

City That Disappeared

Mormon Grove Historical Marker The mayor of Lancaster, Kansas owns an auto repair/convenience store/coffee shop along the highway in Lancaster. He let me set up my tent on his property. I went by the shop to say thanks as I was starting my walk this morning. I talked to two men having coffee. I mentioned that I had really enjoyed learning the history of Kansas by reading the roadside historical markers and talking to the locals. One of the men said, “I should do that. There is a historical marker along the road to Atchison, Kansas and I have passed by for years without ever stopping to read it.”

Some hours later, I saw the marker that I suppose he was referring to. I pulled off the road and read the marker. To my surprise, it was about Mormon Grove. I think I have heard about it in the history of my ancestors. It was sad to read about the cholera epidemic. Most refugees that die fleeing from conflict areas do not die of bullets, but from disease, particularly from water born illnesses like cholera. Cholera is still a common cause of death in South Sudan among those returning from refugee camps to build a life in their homeland. Southern Sudan Humanitarian partnered with LDS Humanitarian on a clean water project in Nyamlel, South Sudan where we have a school for orphans and other children in the village.

Atchison, Kansas is Amelia Earhart’s hometown. I crossed from Kansas to Missouri over the Missouri River at Atchison.