Thousand Mile Walk

Claron Honors the Refugees

About to Disappear Into the Uintas

Farmland near Woodland, Utah

I walked 15 miles the first day, 20 miles the second day and 16 miles today. I have had the opportunity to talk to about seven people about my walk and explain how it is a fund raising effort to benefit Southern Sudan Humanitarian to help the children in our schools in the villages of South Sudan. I wrote down the uri for this blog for them.

People have been very nice to me. Well, mostly, I am by myself except for the cars whizzing by. But, when I do have the opportunity to talk to people, they are very nice. Of course, I am appreciative that no one has ran over me yet.

I am camping tonight near the thriving metropolis of Woodland, Utah. One of the locals told me that cell phone coverage stops about one mile down the road as I go into the Uinta Mountains on Utah State Road 35 to Wolf Creek Pass. I expect that I will be out of cell coverage for about three days.

Camped under this park pavilion

Woodland, Utah is a picturesque little town on the edge of the Uintah Mountains. I camped on the concrete pad of a park pavilion of the local church. My grandson joined me for the night and the next two days. It got down to about 35 degrees at night. No store or restaurant in the little town, so bring your own food.