Thousand Mile Walk

Claron Honors the Refugees

Dinosaur Colorado

Green River in Utah

Green River at the crossing of U.S. 40 This spot is near the entrance to Dinosaur National Monument. The mountain beyond the river shows light colored rock that is distinctive for the monument. If I recall correctly from a previous visit to the Monument, the dinosaur bone dig is near that mountain of light colored rock.

Claron at the Colorado Utah border on highway U.S. 40Claron Twitchell at the border of Colorado and Utah on highway U.S. 40. I walked 33 miles from Vernal, Utah to Dinosaur, Colorado. My jogger stroller cart with all my equipment allows me to keep a good pace, but it is restrictive for finding camping spots. My walk has some similarities to backpacking, but if I was backpacking in mountain wilderness as I normally do, then I would look around for a camping spot that looks good and set up where I want. The jogger restricts me to finding a camping spot that is within a few feet of a paved road or sidewalk.

Park in Dinosaur, Colorado

Dinosaur, Colorado, population 339, is in a dry area, even for the Western United States. I threw out my spleeping bag next to the swings in a little park. The woman at the convenience store said it was okay and told me that there was a shower in the restroom that I could use.

Video showing the Green River in Utah