Thousand Mile Walk

Claron Honors the Refugees

The Hope of South Sudan

I met some nice people in Atwood, Kansas today. Mandy and Brenda talked to me in the park were I camped. They were very interested in me and my walk to raise funds for the orphans in South Sudan. I attended the Methodist Church in Atwood and had a bunch of people donate.

Recent Returnees in South Sudan

I like to think of you, my reader, as the hope of South Sudan. Yes, there are a lot of good causes to help, but helping the orphans and other children in the elementary schools which Southern Sudan Humanitarian supports is a great cause to join. Donate and make a difference! The children in the photo were dropped off from an internally displaced persons camp with not much more than the ragged shirts on their backs. The video, The Hope of Sudan was taken with the children in the above picture in Gong Machar, South Sudan.