Thousand Mile Walk

Claron Honors the Refugees

Walmart Camp

Claron camped at Walmart in Timnath, ColoradoThe Walmart in Timnath, Colorado is the only Walmart location in many miles that allows truckers and recreational vehicles to stay overnight in the parking lot.

I was near here when I called the police dispatch in Windsor, Colorado. This is a technic to find a camping spot for the night. I said that I was walking cross county and is there a park or someplace I can put up my backpacking tent for the night. The dispatcher said that there was not and if I stayed in a park, the police would hassle me. This technic helps if they say yes, you know right where to go and the police can watch after you. If the dispatcher says no, now you have a problem. I called the town of Timnath and got the same response of “no.” One of the dispatchers suggested that Walmart by where I was lets people camp there. I went into the Walmart and the manager said it was okay. She also said that I was the first person who had asked to put up a tent.

My repetitive talking about where I spent the night may be getting boring to my reader, but if you are a refugee or a homeless person, it is a big deal.

Plaque at the start of my walk about Utah Pioneers.

Happy “Pioneer Day!” Back in Utah, we celebrate July 24 for the day in 1847 when Brigham Young and the Mormon Pioneers first entered the Valley of the Great Salt Lake. I started my walk at This Is the Place Heritage Park. The Mormons where refugees back then.