Thousand Mile Walk

Claron Honors the Refugees

Nyamlel Family

Family in Nyamlel, South Sudan

This photo is of Claron with the family of Luka Yei Yei. I stayed in Luka’s compound for one week on my first visit in 2007 to South Sudan. The two little girls on the front row are orphans that stay with Luka.

So far my blog has mostly been a travel log of my walk. I intend on saying more about the work of Southern Sudan Humanitarian. One of the schools we help is in Nyamlel, South Sudan where the picture was taken. The elementary school currently has about 800 students. Half of the students are motherless, fatherless or totally orphaned. We have paid teachers salary, built classrooms and provided supplies. Check out our photos on our Flickr account. If you sponsor me on my walk, it goes to help the children in South Sudan.