Thousand Mile Walk

Claron Honors the Refugees

Geographic Center

I was at the geographic center of the 48 states today. Well, since I was walking, four miles away from the exact spot was close enough. I stayed Tuesday night in Smith Center, Kansas. I met Dennis out riding his bike for exercise and we got to talking about my walk. He invited me over to stay at his house for the night. I had a shower, a real bed, home grown tomatoes in tomato sandwiches and a donation for the orphans. Thanks Dennis! In the first mile walking out of Smith Center town on Wednesday morning, I figure that I passed the 3/4 point of my 1083 mile walk. Yay!!!

I was touched by the message on this grave marker for a little one that died in 1903 less than one year old at a cemetery near Lebanon, Kansas along route U.S. 36.

Video at the geographic center of the United States